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Santa Cruz Mushrooms

Chestnut Mushrooms (Half Pound) Pick Up Only

Chestnut Mushrooms (Half Pound) Pick Up Only

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Chestnut mushrooms are a handsome, hardwood-loving fungi that make a delicious addition to soups and salads. Also known as the cinnamon cap or fat pholiota, growing this shaggy clustering variety can be a tricky but rewarding experience. We’ll get to know this relatively unknown mushroom and see if we can’t convince you to try some!

The chestnut mushroom is a versatile ingredient with a unique flavor and texture profile. It is both nutty and sweet with a peppery finish, and the stems retain a crisp, crunchy texture similar to asparagus after cooking. These qualities make it an excellent addition to risottos, meat or tofu dishes, and in stews, soups and fried dishes, and even in pastries.

These mushrooms are sold by the basket - One quart is about half a pound. 


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